Bougainvillea glabra – Lesser bougainvillea 02 Shrub 3D Model


Software:FBX|3Ds Max(Vray,Corona)|SketchUp(Vray,Enscape Compatible)|Twinmotion|Blender|Unreal Engine 5

Softwares High/Low Maps Materials
3Ds Max(Vray,Corona) High
FBX High
Blender(Cycles,Eevee) High
Twinmotion High
Unreal Engine(5.0.3+) High
SketchUp(Thea,Vray) Low
Enscape( If Available) Low


Other Names : Bougainvillea glabra (Lesser/Paperflower), Pokok bunga kertas, Buganvilla, Napoleón, Veranera, Trinitaria, Santa Rita, Papelillo, Spectabilis (Great Paper Flower), Bracteata Pers., Brasiliensis Raeusch, Speciosa Schnizl., Ye zi hua, Primavera, Roseira-do-mato, Tapirica, Três-marias, Curazao, Virescens Choisy, Bunganvil, Villamil, Zarza americana, Buganbilla, Guambillo, Boganvel, Kaagitha poo, Kadalasupoovu-chedi, Kagaj-phul, Drielingenplant, Cherei, Baganbilas, Kempugonde, Bouganvila, Kagithala Puvvu, Sa-rawn.

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package includes files for 3ds Max, FBX.Some of them also include twinmotion,Maya, SketchUp,Cinema 4d,Blender,Udatasmith For Twinmotion and Unreal Engine
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