Camellia sinensis – Green tea 02 Vegetable 3D Model


Software:FBX|3Ds Max(Vray,Corona)|SketchUp(Vray,Enscape Compatible)|Twinmotion|Blender|Unreal Engine 5

Softwares High/Low Maps Materials
3Ds Max(Vray,Corona) High
FBX High
Blender(Cycles,Eevee) High
Twinmotion High
Unreal Engine(5.0.3+) High
SketchUp(Thea,Vray) Low
Enscape( If Available) Low


Other Names : Camellia sinensis – Green tea,tea plant, tea shrub, and tea tree,Assam Tea,Tea Camellia,Tea Plant,Tea Tree Camellia,White tea, green tea, mchai (Kiswahili),Camellia thea Link; Camellia oleosa (Lour.) Rehder,tea plant, tea shrub, and tea tree,Mao Cha (毛茶),Pu-Erh tea, the China Tea Plant, Tea Plant, Tea Shrub, Tea Tree, Tea Tree Camellia, Black Tea, Green Tea, Chinese Tea, Common Tea, Tea, Tea Camellia

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